BAE Systems Haggulands has delivered the third CV90 armoured combat vehicle to the Norwegian Army.

Known as the MultiC in the Norwegian service, the multicarrier vehicle was delivered as part of contract signed by the company in June 2012.

Valued at £500m, it involves an upgrade to the army’s existing 103-vehicle CV9030 fleet and the manufacture 41 new vehicles, giving the army a total of 144 CV90s in five different configurations to undertake different functions, including mortar carrier and logistics roles.

The vehicles include 74 infantry fighting variants, 21 reconnaissance, 15 command and 16 engineering, as well as 16 multirole and two driver training vehicles.

Norwegian Army CV90 project leader colonel Ragnar Wennevik said: "Norway will have the next generation CV90 and the world’s most advanced IFV (infantry fighting vehicle), [which is] a low risk, proven solution.

"We are proud that our army takes onboard the five different configurations of CV90 from 2015 onwards, on time and on budget."

BAE collaborated with the Norwegian Army and industry, including Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace and Ritek, to execute work under the contract.

"The vehicles are expected to enhance the operational capabilities of Norway’s armoured and telemark battalions."

The first and second variant, namely the infantry fighting variant and engineering vehicle (STING), were delivered to the army at the company’s facilities in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, in February and September, respectively.

According to BAE, the new vehicle fleet will feature significantly enhanced protection, survivability, situational awareness, intelligence and interoperability, based on experiences drawn from the Norwegian Army’s combat operations in Afghanistan.

The vehicles are expected to enhance the operational capabilities of Norway’s armoured and telemark battalions.

In addition to Norway, the CV90 vehicles have also been selected by other Nordic nations, including Sweden, Denmark and Finland, as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Image: BAE has delivered a CV90 multicarrier vehicle to the Norwegian Army. Photo: courtesy of BAE Systems.

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