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API Technologies has been awarded a contract by Raytheon to provide information technology systems in support of the UK Ministry of Defence‘s (MoD) airborne stand-off reconnaissance (ASTOR) programme.

Under the $3.3m contract, API will provide computer servers, work stations and network devices for the ASTOR programme.

API Technologies RF2M-UK and SSIA-International senior vice-president and managing director Matthew Richards said: "Through our secure systems and information assurance (SSIA) group, the company provides a wide range of advanced technical solutions, including engineering content, programme management, equipment certification and production."

Jointly operated by the Royal Air Force (Raf) and The British Army, the ASTOR is an advanced, air-to-ground system and has been designed to provide highly effective 24-hour surveillance and target acquisition capability.

The system also offers wide area, all weather surveillance and reconnaissance imagery in near real-time to meet troop’s needs.

"The ASTOR system provides high-resolution images and monitors the quantity, direction and speed of moving targets."

Fitted with a dual-mode synthetic aperture radar / moving target indicator (SAR/MTI) sensor, the ASTOR system provides high-resolution images and monitors the quantity, direction and speed of moving targets for unparalleled situational awareness.

Exploited both on board the aircraft and on the ground, the imagery will be transferred to ground stations at all levels of command and control through secure data links.

The company has demonstrated the capabilities of the ASTOR system, which is also interoperable with NATO and joint surveillance and target attack radar system (JSTARS) assets, in preparation for operational, tactical and theatre mission scenarios.

Raytheon, who is responsible for delivering the system’s full capability such as hardware, software, infrastructure, training and a comprehensive CLS package, has partnered with Bombardier, L-3, DE&S and General Dynamics over the course of the systems integration.

Raytheon will continue to provide full mission support capabilities required, to ensure the UK MoD’s ASTOR programme is fully meeting the customer’s needs.

Image: ASTOR is operated by the Royal Air Force and the British Army. Photo: file image.

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