Alion Science and Technology have been contracted by the US Army Spectrum Management Office (ASMO) to protect the army’s radio frequency (RF) spectrum from interference, while complying with federal spectrum regulations and presidential direction.

Under the contract, Alion will be providing engineering assessments, research and analysis services, which will guarantee uninterrupted operation of all RF spectrum-dependent systems for ASMO programmes.

"Alion’s expert spectrum research and analysis will help ensure reliable, advanced capabilities."

The service is expected to help fulfil the army’s spectrum requirements, and is suitable for conducting combat operations, training, and daily mission requirements.

Alion’s analysis is also expected to help the US Department of Defense’s challenges being faced due to the ongoing implementation of the President’s National Broadband Policy.

Alion senior vice-president Chris Amos said: "As the army moves to support the President’s initiative to expand our nation’s leadership in wireless innovation, Alion’s expert spectrum research and analysis will help ensure reliable, advanced capabilities.

"Our five decades of experience in wireless communications will help support the uninterrupted operation of army systems with concurrent commercial use while equipping senior army leaders with the necessary, credible justification for congressional testimony to protect RF spectrum-dependent systems."

The company previously received a $634m contract from the US Army’s Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) to support new technologies for ground vehicles.