The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has awarded a contract to General Dynamics (GD) C4 Systems to provide AN/PRC-112G GPS-enabled search and rescue radios and accessories.

The AN/PRC-112G radios, part of the HOOK2 combat search and rescue (CSAR) system, provide encrypted two-way messaging and GPS-location capabilities to locate and rescue downed aircrews and military and paramilitary forces.

The radio sends user identification, situation reports and other critical information to CSAR aircraft to reduce the risk of detection and interception.

The HOOK2 system consists of the AN/PRC-112G radio, Quickdraw2 interrogator and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) base station and is interoperable with satellite-based search and rescue systems, including the International Cospas-Sarsat Programme.

GD C4 Systems Assured Communications vice president Chris Brady said the radios were also used by 28 countries to perform combat search and rescue operations.