The Philippines has suspended two tenders worth $90m for military helicopters due to suspicions of bribery, the Defence Department has said.

Tenders for seven attack and two multipurpose helicopters were suspended, according to Ernesto Boac, a retired general and head of the bids and award committee.

“There are alleged collusions or conceived collusions between members involved in the procurement with some suppliers in the crafting of the technical specifications that suited a particular manufacturer,” he said.

The suspension order also covers the post-qualification tests for seven multi-attack helicopters and the deferment of consequent stages of the bidding process.

A $29m tender for six night-capable attack helicopters was also scrapped in 2008 due to suspicions of graft between some army officials and US-based MD Helicopters.

The Philippines has spent more than $640m upgrading its weapons and logistics system since 2002, according to the Peninsula.