The US Army has awarded an order to General Dynamics to supply reactive armour side skirt tiles for the Bradley fighting vehicle system.

Under the $48m contract, GD will manufacture the reactive armour tiles and also provide complete assembly, integration and storage capabilities.

The reactive armour system consists of tiles that are fixed to the exterior of a vehicle, allowing it to withstand direct hits from a variety of anti-armour munitions.

GD vice-president and general manager of weapon systems Russ Klein said the reactive armour technology provides vehicle protection against shaped-charge threats and explosively formed projectiles.

“Designed specifically for the US Army’s Bradley fighting vehicle, reactive armour prevents severe damage to combat vehicles in Iraq, and more importantly, saves lives,” he said.

Work will be carried out at the company’s facilities in Mississippi, US, with deliveries expected to begin in February 2011 and be completed in September 2011.