The South African Defence Forces (SANDF) will acquire the LH 41C laser rangefinder from Carl Zeiss for their new 60mm long-range mortar system developed by Denel Land Systems (DLS).

The current 81mm mortars used by the SANDF are too heavy for some missions, according to

The LH41C, also known as the Acrobat, is incorporated with a personnel digital assistant (PDA) fitted with GPS, used to calculate target coordinates and fall-of-shot corrections.

The system comprises the M6 60mm long-range mortar with its suite of ammunition, fire control computer and observation system.

Carl Zeiss Optronics managing director Kobus Viljoen said the LH-41C laser rangefinder was easy to use and compact in size, providing long-range performance.

The units are scheduled to be delivered in November 2010.