Lebanon has opened a bank account to receive donations to buy weapons for its poorly equipped army, defence minister Elias Murr has said.

The bank account was opened with $670,000 (£430,000) being deposited by E Murr and Former Defence Minister Michel Murr, hoping that Lebanese at home and living abroad would donate.

The US has provided $720m in military aid to Lebanon since 2006 but Lebanon’s 60,000-strong military is still considered ill-equipped.

The opening of the new account followed after US legislators blocked $100m of military aid to Lebanon over concerns that weapons bought with the aid might be used against Israel, according to the BBC.

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Howard Berman said the Lebanon and Israeli border clash on 2 August 2010 had reinforced the decision.

“The US aid would be rejected if it came with the condition that it does not protect its territory, people and border,” said E Murr.

Iran and Syria have also reaffirmed their support for the Lebanese Army.