The Indian Army is to procure 124 Arjun mkII tanks, the advanced version of the main battle tank (MBT), from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), according to Defence Minister AK Antony.

The Arjun MBT, which will be designed by DRDO with modifications as required by the army, which is looking to add a futuristic main battle tanks (FMBT) to its armoury.

The FMBT will be equipped with high-power lasers for targeting enemy rockets, aircraft and electro-optical sensors as per the army’s requirement.

The proposed procurement follows an order for additional 124 Arjun mkI MBTs, which was placed after the indigenous Arjun surpassed Russian T-90 tanks during comparative trials.

The army has placed orders for 248 Arjun mkI tanks, of which, 124 have already been delivered.

DRDO expects to fulfil orders for at least 500 Arjuns to recoup its investments before starting work on the futuristic MBT.