Elbit Systems has launched two new portable robots, Mini-VIPeR and Maxi-VIPeR, during a advanced land and C4I solutions exhibition held by the company.

The robots features include intuitive operations, enabling real-time reconnaissance, arena clearing, in-building mapping, decoy and screening functions.

The Mini-VIPeR robot is a lightweight system, weighing 3.5kg, and enabled with advanced sensors allowing full operation in various adverse terrains.

The robot also allows the ground forces to survey structures by throwing the robot through the window or into a dark tunnel before entering.

The Maxi-VIPeR compact robot allows the disarming of explosives and handling radioactive materials by using its robotic arm and advanced sensors.

The VIPeR family of robots, which are already operational in the Israeli defense forces under the Hebrew name Pazit, are capable of overcoming many challenges otherwise faced by land warriors engaged in low-intensity conflicts (LIC).