Six teams have been finalised to compete for the multi-autonomous ground-robotic international challenge (MAGIC 2010), a joint programme led by the US and Australian Departments of Defence.

MAGIC 2010 aims to develop next-generation unmanned ground vehicle systems that can be deployed in military operations.

The teams include Cappadocia from Turkey, Chiba from Tokyo, Magician from Australia and RASR, Team Michigan, University of Pennsylvania from the US.

All six teams will field their unmanned vehicle prototypes at the Royal Showground in South Australia from 8-13 November 2010 where they will need to autonomously and dynamically coordinate, plan and execute military actions against changing priorities.

The programme is expected to generate innovative ideas towards robotics research in critical new areas that will address operational challenges and improve survivability of soldiers.

Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organisation and the US Army’s Research Development and Engineering Command are taking the lead in organising the programme.