Fibrotex Technologies is to supply its personal camouflage screens (PCS) to the special operations forces of a Nato country for deployment in Afghanistan.

PCS is a lightweight, low-volume, 2D multispectral camouflage net that is printed on both sides, allowing the soldier to be camouflaged with only one net in two different geographical areas.

Under the contract, the company will supply a new set of PCS systems for dual fresh-snow / “dirty”-snow terrain camouflage patterns.

Fibrotex CEO Adi Blum said the PCS provided concealment within mere seconds to soldiers operating in a variety of terrains and combat environments.

The lightweight camouflage screens are easy to deploy and allow the soldiers to be fully concealed while increasing operational, logistic and economic efficiencies.

The new capability provides greater visibility from inside and protects the soldiers from visual, near infrared and thermal infrared devices.

Fibrotex previously supplied the Nato country operating in Afghanistan with PCS systems for a dual forest / desert terrain concealment.