The new BAE Systems-developed IMX-101 explosive is to replace conventional TNT in the US Army artillery.

The US Army has approved the production and use of the new high-performance explosive, which will detonate only for the intended mission.

The IMX-101 explosive is specifically designed to sustain chemical stability during mechanical shocks, fire, and shrapnel impact.

BAE Systems ordnance solutions vice-president Jerry Hammonds said the IMX-101 explosive had the potential to revolutionise military ordnance and help save lives on and off the battlefield.

The US Army will use the explosive formulation as a TNT replacement in the new IM M795 155mm artillery munition as well as for any large-calibre munitions.

Development of the IMX-101 has been carried out by BAE in cooperation with the army at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tennessee.