Marotta Controls is to provide the pneumatic cooling system (PCS) for the imaging infrared (I2R) sensor within the joint air-to-ground missile (JAGM) tri-mode seeker.

Under the contract awarded by Lockheed Martin, Marotta will design, develop and test the PCS system for JAGM’s I2R sensor, which will identify undetected targeting of sophisticated threats from a safe stand-off range.

Marotta will use its pure air compression technology (M-PACT) in the development of a cost-effective and low-risk PCS solution.

M-PACT is a complete airborne compression and dehydration system that provides uninterrupted pure dry cool air to the infrared seeker.

JAGM is the next-generation air-to-ground missile that will replace the Hellfire II, airborne TOW and Maverick missiles.

The missile will be carried on the US Army, Navy, and Marine rotary-wing, fixed-wing and unmanned aerial system (UAS) platforms.