The UK Ministry of Defence has announced £189m ($285.9m) to procure new equipment for UK forces operating in Afghanistan.

The funding will help the UK forces in the region to increase the number of operating bases and counter-IED teams, and to effectively partner with the Afghan Army.

Of the allocated funds, £158m ($239.1m) will be used to procure communications systems and ground-based ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) systems to protect military bases.

A total of £19m ($28.7m) will cover dismounted close combat equipment, which includes Osprey body armour and helmets, light and heavy machine guns, combat shotguns, weapon sights and night vision equipment.

The remaining £12m ($18.1m) will be used for additional MAN logistics support vehicles modified for use in Afghanistan.

The UK prime minister allocated £67m ($101.4m) for the counter-IED campaign on 10 June 2010.