Raytheon has developed an enhanced counter-sniper capability by linking its Boomerang acoustic sensor and network-ready long-range advanced scout surveillance system (LRAS3).

Raytheon Network Centric Systems combat systems vice-president Glynn Raymer said that connecting Boomerang and netted LRAS3 was a plug-and-play operation that resulted in a powerful counter-sniper capability.

“Combined, these systems facilitate a slew-to-cue capability that places the high-performance LRAS3 “eyes” on the threat, day or night,” he said.

“The sniper then becomes the target with a number of prosecution alternatives available ranging from direct return fire to a digital call for fire via the network.”

In May 2010, Raytheon demonstrated the counter-sniper solution for the first time at the Armour Warfighting Conference.

Developed by Raytheon BBN Technologies, Boomerang provides bearing and elevation cues to the netted LRAS3 enabling the sight operator to locate and respond to the sniper threat immediately.

To date, Raytheon has delivered over 2,600 LRAS3 units and more than 5,000 Boomerang systems to the field.