Lockheed Martin has opened a new facility for the integration and testing of the airborne and maritime / fixed station joint tactical radio system (AMF JTRS) in San Diego, California.

The AMF JTRS is a secure internet-protocol network that will provide real-time communications for warfighters across all military services within the US Department of Defense.

The new facility will provide a testing platform for various configurations of AMF JTRS radios and allow the testing team to use unique tool sets on the communications systems.

Lockheed Martin JTRS vice-president Mark Norris said the facility was built to ensure that the AMF JTRS equipment was fully compliant with all JTRS operational requirements.

In addition, the integration and test team, together with the US DoD, will verify a range of system-level requirements including key performance parameters as the team proceeds towards the low-rate initial production at the facility.

Lockheed Martin-lead integration and test team includes BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.