The US Army has awarded a contract to General Dynamics to produce 30mm M789 high-explosive dual-purpose (HEDP) ammunition and further develop the 25mm scalable fuse technology.

Under the contract worth more than $14m, the company will establish a full-production capability for the 30mm M789 HEDP ammunition, which is the primary tactical round of the Apache AH-64 helicopter operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The M789 ammunition enables the Apache to provide accurate air support with minimal collateral damage in the battlefield.

General Dynamics will also begin the Phase III development of the Scalable Medium Cannon Caliber Airburst Fuze Development Study.

Scalable fuse technology provides a plug-and-play capability for munitions ranging from 25mm to 50mm calibres as well as the ability to destroy a projectile within a hard target.

General Dynamics medium caliber ammunition vice president Tim McAuliffe said the scalable technology will allow the military to upgrade the capability of its legacy systems while easily integrating into future weapon platforms.

The fuse technology will be used on the US Army Bradley Fighting Vehicle and US Marine Corps LAV-25 as well as in future platforms such as the army’s Ground Combat Vehicle.