The Missile Defence Agency (mda), together with the US Army, has successfully test fired a terminal high-altitude area defense (THAAD) interceptor missile from the Pacific Missile Range Facility off the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

During the test, the THAAD interceptor missile successfully intercepted a short-range unitary target inside the earth’s atmosphere.

The target missile was launched from an at-sea mobile launch platform in the Pacific Ocean, west of Hawaii and successfully intercepted by the THAAD interceptor missile.

THAAD is a missile defence system specifically designed to shoot down ballistic missiles. It is a missile defence element of the US ballistic missile defence system.

The recent test is the seventh successful intercept for the operationally configured THAAD system, which will undergo further development and testing to enhance its counter-ballistic-missile performance at all ranges and in all phases of flight.