BAE Systems is to provide supply combat-proven Check-6 thermal camera systems for the US Army’s mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles.

Under the $27.1m contract, the company will supply up to 4,000 Check-6 systems as upgrades to existing MRAPs.

Check-6 camera system use an infrared camera and a control box to provide day and night, all-weather visibility to MRAP crew while remaining within the vehicle’s armoured cabin.

The camera systems will be installed by field service representatives, who will also provide engineering upgrades, troubleshooting and training on how to drive and maintain the vehicles.

Equipped to the MRAP’s tail-light housing, the Check-6 camera contains long-wave infrared sensors and allows quick installation on more than 200,000 military vehicles.

Bae Systems is expected to deliver more than 15,000 Check-6 systems worth $147m by the end of 2010.