A Supacat-Babcock alliance will deliver more than 140 additional Jackal weapons-mounted 4×4 patrol vehicles to the UK in support of operations in Afghanistan.

The upgraded Jackal 2a is an improved variant of the combat-proven Jackal 2 and features a new armoured cab with integrated mine blast protection.

The weapons-mounted light patrol vehicle combines speed and manoeuvrability with enhanced cross-country performance over the harsh terrains in Afghanistan.

The new £45m ($67m) contract will bring the total number of Jackal vehicles delivered to UK armed forces to over 400.

In April 2009, the UK MoD awarded a contract to Supacat-Babcock alliance to produce 120 Jackal 2a vehicle and more than 70 new 6×6 Coyote light tactical support vehicles as an urgent operational requirement.