General Dynamics Land Systems has launched the Piranha 5, the latest variant of the series, at the Eurosatory 2010 defence trade show in Paris, France.

The Piranha 5 offers significantly improved payload, internal volume, survivability and mobility compared with earlier versions, according to

The vehicle was demonstrated as an infantry fighting vehicle, with capacity for three crew and a dismount squad of eight soldiers.

The combat vehicle is equipped with the new Kongsberg medium-calibre remote weapon station, a Javelin medium range fire-and-forget anti-armour missile and the Saab LEDS-150 active protection system.

The 17t Piranha 5 has an operational range of 550km and can travel at a maximum road speed of 100km/h.

Additional features of the vehicle include a semi-active hydro-pneumatic suspension system with height management control.

The Piranha 5 vehicle allows various configurations on the battlefield including armoured personnel carrier, ambulance, reconnaissance, command, and mortar and direct fire.