BAE Systems has unveiled the CV90 Armadillo, a new variant of the battle-proven CV90 tracked armoured vehicle, at Eurosatory 2010 defence trade show in Paris, France.

The CV90 Armadillo provides greater protection levels with enhanced mobility and can be easily configured for various combat missions.

BAE Systems Global Combat Systems business development director Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said the combat weight of the Armadillo was 27t with the turret removed, and that the vehicle had an additional 8t payload capacity for equipment or extra armour.

The Armadillo features the Saab LEDS-150 hard kill device and an external fire suppression system. It can withstand a mine blast of significantly above 10kg.

The CV90 Armadillo family of vehicles can accommodate a crew of three while the armoured personnel carrier variant carries eight dismounts.

Other Armadillo variants include command and control, medical evacuation, mortar carrier and engineer vehicles.

The vehicle could be developed into new variants in future, including a bridgelayer and an additional enhanced protection vehicle.