The US Army has awarded a contract to Alternative Fuel Technology to design and demonstrate an ultra-high pressure fuel injection system for use with jet propellant (JP-8) fuel.

Under the contract, the company will demonstrate an intensified injection system that can produce 40,000psi (2,750 bar).

Alternative Fuel Technologies CEO James McCandless said very high injection pressures are needed to improve engine thermal efficiency fuel economy, lower heat rejection and to reduce after-treatment costs.

“JP-8 fuel causes wear and premature failure, and oil-powered intensified injectors eliminate this problem because many of the highly loaded parts are lubricated with oil instead of JP-8 fuel,” McCandless said.

“Specialty fuel-injection equipment can improve the reliability and performance of military vehicles thereby helping the army complete missions more quickly and safely.”

Currently, the US Army is using lube oil-actuated intensified fuel injectors on some of its combat vehicle engines with pressures less than 30,000psi, which needs to be increased to 40,000psi.