The French national defence procurement agency, Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), has delivered the first FELIN integrated infantry systems to the French Army.

The first 90 systems have been sent to the FELIN training centre at the school of infantry and the rest – the DGA has ordered more than 20,000 FELIN systems – will be provided to French infantry units on a rolling basis, with the final systems delivered by 2015.

The 1st Régiment d’Infanterie, based in north-east France, will receive the FELIN systems in September, making the regiment the first combat unit to make use of the new technology.

The FELIN system, developed by SAGEM in conjunction with 25 other European contractors, is an integrated infantry system offering equipment to improve the communications, protection, observation and weapons capabilities of dismounted infantry soldiers.

The system includes a protective vest, chemical protection, communications equipment and optronics suites.