Canada has received the first of 17 new C-130J Hercules tactical airlift aircraft from Lockheed Martin at 8 Wing Trenton in Ontario as part of the country’s first defence strategy.

Designated the CC-130J, the aircraft is a four-engined, fixed-wing turboprop tactical transport aircraft designed for troop and cargo transport, and aircrew training and qualification.

The aircraft features an enhanced cargo handling system, the latest flight station, electronic, digital readouts for aircraft flight controls, and operating and navigating systems.

Defence systems include missile warning, a countermeasures dispensing system and a radar warning receiver.

The aircraft has increased passenger space and can carry 92 combat troops or 128 non-combat passengers, while crusing at a top airspeed of 660km/h with a maximum range is 6,852km.

Four additional CC-130Js are expected to be delivered to the Canadian Forces by 2012 and all 17 aircraft will be based at 8 Wing Trenton.