Boeing has delivered the final software package for the US Army’s brigade combat team modernisation (BCTM) increment 1 programme in support of its 2010 testing cycle.

The new BCTM software package provides secure data transfer between classified and unclassified networks, electronic text chat, sensor image transfers to warfighter displays for distribution across the network, image annotation as well as monitoring of network status.

Boeing has also incorporated its system of systems common operating environment (SOSCOE) middleware in the package to improve the software’s reliability and performance.

SOSCOE features updated capabilities for network scalability, service discovery on ad-hoc radio networks, collaboration and systems management.

The contract also includes the production of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, unattended ground sensors and network integration kit.

BCTM programme manager Paul Geery said that the software would support the US Army throughout the 2010 testing cycle, including the limited user test (LUT) 2011.

“We expect to demonstrate overall improved system reliability and performance with this software based on 2009 LUT results and feedback from the army regarding essential battle command capabilities,” he said.