Lockheed Martin will develop a rifle-scope attachment for US soldiers under a $3.9m contract awarded by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The dynamic image gunsight optic (DInGO) is an optical scope attachment to be used on standard combat rifles, which will provide the soldiers with an accurate target view without the need to change scopes or decrease optical resolution.

DInGO uses a low-power laser rangefinder, which automatically calculates the range and digitally zooms into the target taking into account environmental conditions. It then projects the bullet’s point-of-impact calculated from the embedded ballistics computer.

The system will significantly enhance the soldiers’ ability to accurately hit targets at a range of between 3m and 600m.

Based on Lockheed Martin’s One Shot advanced sighting system, the DInGO uses a similar precision engagement technology to automatically transmit crosswind information to a long-range sniper’s scope and exactly display the place where the bullet hits.

The phase 1 contract has a base period for nine months with options for additional phases to develop the DInGO system for use on M-4 and M-16 automatic rifles.

Work will be carried out at the Lockheed Martin’s facility in Akron, Ohio.