A new mobile biometric platform (MBP) specifically designed to support the latest military-specification biometric devices has been launched by Human Recognition Systems (HRS).

The multinodal software solution uses wired or wireless transmission technology to link biometric devices to a central database.

The MBP can be configured for a wide range of military scenarios including forensic biometric applications that allow latent fingerprints to be captured, transmitted and instantly checked against centrally held records.

Designed for military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, the MBP also allows fixed biometric identity controls at military bases to provide access only to authorised individuals.

HRS National Security head Lee Hannis said the military-specific identity management systems helped defence forces involved in conflict situations and peacekeeping activities, improving situational awareness for the soldiers.

“The system increases the mobility and reliability of identity checks and also enables centrally managed biometric, biographic and contextual data to be analysed and distributed quickly,” he said.