The Indian Army has ordered an additional 124 Arjun main battle tanks following successful desert trials conducted in Rajasthan last year.

The indigenous Arjun outperformed Russian-made T-90 tanks during the comparative trials carried out under the Defence Research and Development Organisation programme, according to the Times of India.

The new order of 124 additional Arjun tanks will allow the army to acquire two more regiments of the tanks.

The army is currently operating 45 Arjun main battle tanks, which were delivered by the Avadi-based Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) in mid 2009.

A defence ministry official said the tank successfully demonstrated its capabilities including driving cross-country over rugged sand dunes, detecting, observing and quickly engaging targets, and accurately hitting targets whether stationary and moving.

“Its superior fire power is based on accurate and quick target acquisition capability during day and night in all types of weather and the shortest possible reaction time during combat engagements,” the defence official said.