The US Army has awarded a contract to Bae Systems to build over 20,000 modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (Molle) system sets in MultiCam camouflage.

Under the $10.7m contract, the company will also deliver core riflemen sets, large rucksack sets, as well as medic, grenadier, pistolman and squad automatic weapon gunner pocket sets.

The MOLLE is the army’s highly adaptable primary field equipment system that allows warfighters to carry the equipment and supplies required in the battlefield.

MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern specifically designed to merge into virtually any environment, providing the soldier with required cover in one basic set of gear.

Developed by the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, MOLLE sets will be manufactured by BAE at its facilities in Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Deliveries will begin next month and are expected to be complete by August 2010.