Insitu has successfully demonstrated its heavy fuel engine-configured ScanEagle unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in cooperation with the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence.

During the demonstration, which was conducted at Fort Rucker, Alabama, the company displayed the interoperability between ScanEagle video with metadata and the US Army’s One System remote video terminal.

Insitu also showcased its digital video, encrypted data feed, enhancing situational awareness and threat surveillance systems.

Included in the demonstration were a mid-wave infrared sensor for high-quality intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance data and night vision, as well as Insitu’s airborne target tracking system that displays stabilised video and remote video terminal functionality.

Insitu Business Development vice-president Alvin Jackson said ScanEagle provided the army with the optimal combat-proven ISR solutions to protect soldiers operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Insitu demonstrated the ScanEagle UAS in conjunction with the Joint Systems Integration Laboratory.