The Indian Army is looking to buy a short-range, surface-to-air-missile system (SR-SAM) to replace obsolete Soviet-era OSA-AK (SA-8) and SA-6 units.

A senior army official, speaking to 8ak, said the procurement of the SR-SAM has been delayed due to formalities which are expected to be complete by early 2011.

“The new SR-SAM will go a long way in securing the nation from aerial threats and enhance the defence capabilities of our armed forces,” the official said.

The Army is considering ordering a missile system with a maximum range up to 20km and with a capacity to engage hovering targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles at a speed of up to 500 m/s, according to a recently issued request for inquiry (RFI).

In addition, the SR-SAM’s radar should be capable of tracking concurrent targets and should have electronic counter-measures to support the electronic warfare environment.

The RFI says that the proposed system should allow transport on rail and road mobile launchers and should be capable of operating in nuclear, biological and chemical warfare environment.