The Finnish Army has awarded a contract to Bae Systems for the supply of an additional 16 4×4 RG32M mine-hardened patrol vehicles.

Under the €6m ($8.1m) contract, BAE will supply 16 current standard production vehicles, each with a combat weight of 7.3t, including a suspension upgrade.

The contract also includes the supply of the RG32M series 3 variant, which provides a higher payload, increased power and enhanced protection levels.

The RG32M series 3 is currently undergoing tests at BAE Systems facilities in South Africa.

Delivery of 15 standard RG32M vehicles is expected to be complete this year, while the series 3 variant will be delivered in early 2011.

The RG32M mine-hardened patrol vehicle features an armoured monocoque hull that protects the crew against small arms fire, grenades, anti-personnel mines and land mine detonations.

The vehicle, which has integrated ballistic protection, is capable of undertaking convoy support, infantry patrol and reconnaissance missions.