The US Army has awarded a contract to Oshkosh Defense to supply M-ATV protection and remote weapon system kits.

Under the $79m contract, the company will supply more than 1,750 add-on rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) protection kits and more than 1,000 kits to support remote weapon systems for the M-ATVs.

The protection and support equipment will be installed on the new production lines of M-ATVs as well as on previously delivered vehicles.

The Oshkosh M-ATV incorporates the company’s patented TAK-4 independent suspension system and delivers superior off-road mobility while maintaining a full payload of 4,000lb.

Remote weapon systems enable the warfighters to operate while remaining inside the in-motion vehicle.

Delivery and installation of the support kits is expected to be complete by September 2010.