French defence procurement agency DGA has awarded a contract to EADS Defence & Security (DS) and Thales to manufacture and support two sets of MGPs (modules géographiques projetables – deployable geographic modules) for the French Army.

Under the €26.1m ($34.9m) contract, DS, as a prime contractor in cooperation with Thales, will develop a deployable geographic system that will be used to update field data to deployed forces.

The MGP modules are reactive in terms of the production, maintenance and distribution of military geography information and can supply geographic data via a single cartographic access point.

Several autonomous modules can be deployed to different locations in the theatre of operations and will collect geographical information, which will be synchronised and verified to produce fully updated maps.

DS and Thales will provide operational support for an initial period of six years after the completion of the production phase.

Work will be carried out by EADS and Thales in partnership with other companies including Magellium, Géo212 and Euro Shelter.

The companies are expected to deliver a prototype by the end of 2010, while a complete MGP module is scheduled to be operational with the NATO response force in 2012.