Raytheon and Boeing have successfully test fired their first joint air-to-ground missile (JAGM).

During the test, which was funded by both companies, the weapon was fired from a ground-based rotary-wing launcher and carried out a series of preprogrammed manoeuvres and flew to a predesignated location.

The mission demonstrated the flight control software and Brimstone airframe of the JAGM, and met all primary test objectives.

Raytheon Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems vice-president Bob Francois said the missile would provide the warfighter with a cost-effective, low-risk and highly capable solution for destroying a wide range of stationary and moving targets in all weather conditions.

The new JAGM features combat-proven components from other Raytheon and Boeing programmes including the Raytheon GBU-53/B small diameter bomb II and Boeing Brimstone.