The US Army has received the first two of seven operational joint light tactical vehicles (JLTV) from Lockheed Martin, which will now undergo technology development (TD) phase testing.

The two vehicles are JLTV category B infantry carriers, each weighing 15,500lb.

During the 27-month JLTV TD phase, US military services will carry out a 12-month test and evaluation effort at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, and Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona.

The remaining five vehicles include two JLTV category A general purpose vehicles, each with a curb weight of less than 13,000lb, one more category B infantry carrier, one category B command and control on-the-move vehicle, one category C utility carrier.

All the five vehicles along with three more companion trailers are expected to be delivered next week.

The US Army JLTV product manager Lt Col Wolfgang Petermann said the TD phase will demonstrate the integration of mature technologies as a complete system and will establish an achievable set of requirements for the JLTV programme.

“The demonstration will provide the services with an assessment of the technical and performance risks relevant to entering the engineering manufacturing development (EMD) phase,” he said.

The Lockheed Martin-led JLTV Team includes BAE Systems, Alcoa Defense and JWF – Defense Systems.