The Indian Army is looking to provide infantry soldiers with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun (HMG) that can accurately hit targets within a range of 2,000m.

The Army intends to mount the 40-kg HMG on Light Strike Vehicles and Infantry Fighting Vehicles, according to

The .50 calibre HMG will fire ammunition including firebombs, armour-piercing high explosives and armour-piercing discarding sabot.

The rate of fire will be no less than 450 rounds per minute and it will have sighting systems including optical magnification, open sight and thermal imaging sight.

Additional specifications include a fire control system that can be operated manually and electrically along with a spare barrel, which can be changed quickly in field conditions.

The weapon is required to have a blast suppressor to reduce blast effects while smoke generated when firing should not overcloud the observation of the operator.

The Army expects the weapon to withstand the operational conditions in high-altitude areas, jungles and deserts.