The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has received the last of 24 BvS10 Viking mk2 mine-protected vehicles, which are now awaiting deployment to Afghanistan.

The Bae Systems-manufactured BvS10 Viking mk2 mine-protected vehicle is an improved variant of the Bv206 armoured all-terrain vehicle.

The vehicle features improved load capacity and a more powerful diesel engine with a new design for the chassis, power train and steering units enabling the vehicle to attain enhanced performance.

In addition, the vehicle can also complement more effective armour, weapons, load-changer and cargo platforms, and fulfils all the original Viking requirements including the ability to operate in water.

In July 2009, BAE received a £21m ($31.6m) order from the UK MoD for the delivery of 24 Viking mk2 vehicles as an urgent operational requirement for the UK Army.