The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded a contract to Chemring Defence to supply smoke grenades and pyrotechnics for UK troops.

Under the £40m ($60.2m) contract, the company will supply a range of 52 general munitions, including signal flares and battle noise simulators for use on operations in Afghanistan and in pre-deployment training.

The munitions will provide smoke screen cover on operations, flare markers for parachutists landing in difficult environments.

In addition, the munitions can be used in pre-deployment training to simulate battle conditions, including weapon fire and explosions.

Minister for Defence, Equipment and Support Quentin Davies said the use of pyrotechnics and other battle simulators such as smoke grenades to recreate combat conditions was an effective way to prepare the troops for before deployed to theatre.

“This deal will help to provide our troops with the vital training they need before going on operations and the munitions they need when they are in theatre,” he said.

The contract will run for five-years and has the option to be extended by a further two years.