Textron Marine and Land Systems has successfully completed the second phase of the US Army’s armoured security vehicle (ASV) reset programme at the company’s Slidell facility in Louisiana.

Under the phase II contract to reset 12 M1117 ASVs, Textron has restored battle-damaged and worn vehicles to combat-ready condition.

The company has also established manufacturing processes to enable the implementation of a future full-rate reset programme.

Textron Marine and Land Systems has equipped the M1117 ASV with a specially designed dual-weapon station that enables the crew to load, reload and clear gun jams under full armour protection.

Textron Marine and Land Systems general manager Tom Walmsley said that significant cost improvements were made with the phase II reset contract, in spite of the fact that ten of the 12 vehicles inducted into the programme had suffered structural damage.

The company is currently working with M1200 Armoured Knight prime contractor DRS Sustainment Systems for the ongoing Armoured Knight reset programme.

Derived from the ASV, the Armoured Knight is equipped with a laser targeting system for the US Army field artillery combat observation and lasing teams.

The ASV is a 4×4 wheeled armoured vehicle that provides enhanced crew protection against small arms fire, artillery projectile fragments, IEDs and land mines.

The vehicle uses a four-wheel independent suspension system to provide superior mobility, agility, handling and ride quality.

ASV variants can undergo a wide range of missions including scout, infantry personnel carrier, reconnaissance, command and control, and recovery.

The phase II ASV reset programme was awarded by the US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (Tacom).