The US Army has added the NitroView family of security solutions to the army’s information assurance approved products list (IA-APL).

The NitroSecurity-developed NitroView is the first and only content-aware security information and event management (SIEM) system.

The SIEM system offers a wide range of integrated capabilities, including log management, database monitoring, application data monitoring and intrusion prevention.

NitroView uses patented data storage and management technology and is capable of collecting and managing billions of events, logs, network activity flows and even application content while maintaining the real-time analytics that are required for rapid incident response.

The product was included in the IA-APL following the successful completion of an extensive testing conducted by the US Army Technology Integration Center.

NitroSecurity Federal Systems executive vice-president John Cummings said NitroView would give the army the ability to peer deep into their network infrastructure in full granular detail, pinpointing any perceived threat before any real damage occurs.