Iraq is looking to buy a complete package of communication equipment, associated parts and logistical support from US under a $142m foreign military sale contract.

The possible sale includes 300 50W very-high-frequency (VHF) base station radios, 230 50W VHF vehicular stations, 150 20W high-frequency / very-high-frequency (HF/VHF) base station systems and 50 20W HF/VHF vehicular radios.

Additional equipment will include 250 20W HF/VHF handheld radio systems, 590 mobile communications, command and control centre switches, generators, accessories, installation, spare and repair parts, support equipment and logistics support.

The delivery of the communications equipment enables Iraq to use frequency-hopping and digital data capabilities in military communications and also to equip new forces to assume the missions currently accomplished by US and coalition forces.

The principal contractors will be Harris Corporation in New York and Cobham Defense Electronics in Massachusetts.