The European Defence Agency (EDA) has awarded a contract to Rheinmetall to create a demonstrator system to protect military assets and installations in a multinational context.

The Franco-German Future Interoperability of Camp Protection Systems (FICAPS) project is designed to develop methods to install semi-static and mobile protection systems for the combined (multinational) protection of co-located sections, camps and critical infrastructure.

A common system architecture linking various semi-static and/or mobile protection systems will provide improved cooperation between the armed forces of different nations thereby developing greater interoperability.

FICAPS adopts a “system of systems” approach and will implement a European protection system demonstrator that features interoperable capabilities for defending facilities including forward operating bases.

In 2005, Germany and France signed a bilateral project to promote European interoperability of military camp protection systems.

Work under the €8m ($10.9m) contract will be carried out by Rheinmetall and its partners in Germany and France and is expected to be complete in three years.