The British Army has awarded a contract to ASTRUM to supply tracks to all heavy, medium and light armoured fighting vehicles including combat vehicle reconnaissance (tracked), Warriors and Trojans currently operating in Afghanistan.

Under the £30m ($44.8m) contract, Astrum will also supply tracks for the Challenger 2 main battle tank, the armoured engineer vehicle Titan and the armoured personnel carrier FV430 including the up-armoured and upgraded Bulldog variant.

Minister for Defence, Equipment and Support Quentin Davies said armoured vehicles were currently at the centre of operations in Afghanistan and were constantly used over challenging environments and terrain so they need to be furnished with the best equipment.

“This contract will continue to ensure vehicles currently engaged on operations and those being used to train personnel have top-quality tracks supported by robust and dependable supply chains,” he said.

Compared to wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles are in contact with a larger surface area and as a result generally exert lower pressure on the ground allowing the vehicles to be used on soft and uneven ground without the risk of getting stuck.

The two-year contract has two additional one-year options each valued at around £15m ($22.4m).