The Australian Army has awarded a contract to Boeing to increase the scope of its army aviation training and training support (AATTS) contract.

Under the A$44m (US$39.5m) contract, Boeing Defence Australia will provide initial army pilot helicopter qualification courses using the B-206 Kiowa, 85% of S-70A-9 Black Hawk pilot training, and CH-47 Chinook helicopter instructor and technician training.

The contract also includes the Commonwealth’s first one-year extension of AATTS, continuing the contract until September 2013.

The updated AATTS contract is aimed at ensuring the Australian Army maintains a constant supply of qualified helicopter pilots, aircrew and technicians to conduct complex helicopter missions in order to support domestic and global operations.

Boeing Defence Australia has been providing the army’s Black Hawk and Kiowa helicopters with pilot, aircrew and technician training, operational fleet maintenance, and support services at the Army Aviation Training Centre in Oakey under a contract originally awarded in 2007.