The US Department of Defense (Dod) has awarded a contract to Cray to provide three high-performance computing (HPC) systems as part of its 2010 high-performance computing modernisation programme (HPCMP).

Under the $45m contract, the company will provide three of its next-generation HPC systems to top DoD supercomputing resource centres across the US.

The Cray supercomputers will assist the army in long-term weather predictions to plan military operations across the globe and will safeguard through the development of new materials, fuels, armour and weapons systems.

The systems to be delivered are the company’s next-generation supercomputing systems code-named Baker.

Baker supercomputers feature a new interconnect chipset known as Gemini and enhanced system software improving the performance, productivity and reliability of the system.

Deliveries of the three Baker supercomputers are scheduled for the second half of 2010.