The Australian Army has awarded a contract to BAE Systems to supply a targeting system for the army’s new Carl Gustaf M3 weapons.

Under the A$16m (US$14.2m) contract, the company will provide more than 400 of its proven, uncooled AN/PAS-13C thermal weapon sights for installation on the Carl Gustaf shoulder-fired 84mm direct-fire weapons.

The weapon sights allow the users to track a round all the way to the target, and can be used for day and night operations as well as in adverse conditions such as smoke and dust.

BAE Systems Australia Land Business Unit director Ian Sharp said the sights were self contained and eliminated the need for cables and day / night mode switching, and could be readily used for surveillance off-weapon via a quick-release mount.

“They are reliable, lightweight and simple-to-use combined imaging and sighting systems for all conditions. Users are able to rapidly convert to the new sight from the Carl Gustaf’s current day-only sight,” Sharp said.