Northrop Grumman will supply LRS-2000 rate sensor assembly units for the stabilised commander’s weapon station (SCWS) on the US Army M1A1 Abrams tank under an $18m contract awarded by General Dynamics Land Systems.

The LRS-2000 is a two-axis rate sensor specifically developed to support gun and turret stabilisation applications with low random drift and high reliability.

Derived from Northrop’s G-2000 dynamically-tuned gyroscope, the LRS-2000 functions as part of a larger system that provides added protection for soldiers from enemy gunfire or improvised explosive devices.

Northrop Grumman navigation and positioning systems vice president Gorik Hossepian said the LRS-2000 rate sensor assembly offers the high performance needed for the SCWS programme at a reasonable cost.

“It will help increase soldier safety and effectiveness in urban areas where attacks can come from many directions,” he said.

The LRS-2000 meets M1A1 Abrams tank requirements and its key component, the G-2000 gyroscope, provides high-accuracy stabilisation capabilities in a small package.

Production is underway for the LRS-2000 with deliveries beginning later this year.

General Dynamics is the prime contractor for the SCWS programme under a contract signed with the US Army Tank and Automotive Command.